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Maria Luger


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> When I was 18 or 19, I thought the cooslet pistol in the> world was the VP70z, because it had an "18 shot clip".> One time, back when I still knew everything,This post hits a little too close to home.I actually bought a VP-70 because(1) It had an 18-shot magazine.(2) It was a Heckler & Koch.(3) The guy who sold it to me was a former Navy SEAL. So my friend always referred to it as "that SEAL gun."This was before I learned to appreciate, or even understood the importance of, features like a decent trigger. Nor did I even understand the difference between blowback and the Browning recoil system. Given that I couldn't shoot worth crap back then, I don't suppose it made a difference at the time. I can't say my opinions about firearms were ever formed by video games, but movies and TV?, oh my!> The Terminator effect.What first made me appreciate the 1911 was "Terminator 2," after having believed all the bad things I heard about the .45 from older co-workers who served in the Army in the 1970s and 1980s."Terminator 2" is the first movie I can think of where the actors were professionally and thoroughly trained in gun handling, and it shows. > In my callow youth I thought the Walther PPK > was the ne plus ultra.Contrast with the old James Bond movies that were such an influence on my young mushy mind and taught me everything I needed to know about shooting at the age of 10. Watching them now makes me cringe. Thank you, Maurice Binder.Now if I can just get one of those to go with my motorcycle, I'd be a happy camper.

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These breed has gone in separate dirnotices in Germany and America. There had been unnecessary line breeding and inbreeding and American German Shepherds' commenced showing traits of their own.

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